Our Quality Landscaping Services Include Lawn Maintenance

Are you taking good care of your lawn? Have you mulched it recently? Are you watering the grass at the right time? If you said “no” to these questions, then you should be paying more attention to your lawn. After all, you don’t want to end up with dead grass on your front yard, right? You may be too busy with your job or business or even just personal matters, but that is not a reason to just neglect maintaining your lawn. Besides, you can always book quality landscaping services from a professional like Curb Appeal Landscaping. We use tried and tested techniques when maintaining the lawns of our clients in Accord, NY.

When Maintaining the Lawn

A lot needs to be done when it comes to maintaining the lawn. Like other plants, your grass needs to be taken care of on a regular basis. It needs to be watered daily, depending on how much rain your area gets. You also need to mow it at the right height, although not too short. You don’t want your lawn to look bald. This will also allow weeds to grow easily. The soil also needs to be mulched depending on the season. Mulching has a lot of benefits from providing more nutrients to your grass to helping you conserve water due to its moisture retention properties. For a more vigorous and healthier lawn overall, you may also add fertilizing to your lawn care routine. Not sure how to perform these tasks properly? You can always rely on a professional landscaper like us!

We’ll Maintain Your Lawn for You!

The lawn maintenance service that we offer will include a variety of tasks such as watering, mowing, mulching, fertilizing, and so much more! We will water the lawn when the sun isn’t too hot so that the water won’t end up drying too quickly. We’ll also be mowing the lawn using the right tools and techniques. We’ll only trim one-third of the grass height and cut both sides so that when it grows, it won’t end up leaning in one direction. If it’s the right season, we can also mulch the soil. You can choose between organic or inorganic mulch, whichever you prefer. If needed, we can also apply fertilizer to keep your grass healthy and vigorous. Choose our lawn maintenance services and your grass will be so much healthier!

Curb Appeal Landscaping is a trusted name when it comes to quality landscaping and lawn care services in the area. Does the lawn on your property in Accord, NY need regular maintenance? Entrust the job to us and you won’t have to lift a finger! To book our services or ask questions, you may give us a call at (845) 853-9113.

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